CAT 2021 topper interview: “Quality over Quantity should be your aim” says Sareen Shah- 99.35 Percentiler

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Updated on Jan 3, 2022 22:22 IST

Read about CAT 2021 topper interview Sareen Shah in his latest interview with Shiksha. Know all about his preparation and exam day strategy.

CAT 2021 Topper Interview Sareen Shah

Sareen Shah, a Graduate from MIT College of Engineering, Pune has bagged 99.35 percentile in CAT 2021. Sareen Shah in his exclusive interview with Shiksha shares his CAT exam day experience, section-wise strategy and preparation tips for the future aspirants. CAT 2021 topper Sareen believed in himself and began his preparation for CAT exam 2 months prior to the exam. With his CAT score,  Sareen is willing to take admission to FMS, IIM K/L/I. Read the complete interview below.

CAT 2021 score

Overall: 103.03 marks (99.35)

Sectional: VARC - 39.43 (97.6), DILR - 38.07 (99.72), QA - 25.54 (95.96)

Q: Congratulations! Are you satisfied with your CAT result? How much scores were you expecting?

A: I am happy with the score given my meagre preparation. I could have reached 99.5+ easily if I would have prepared well.

Q: Was this your first CAT attempt?

A: Yes this was my first attempt

Q: When did you start preparing for CAT exam? What was your overall prep strategy?

A: I was studying for an hour a day for last 2 months and took a week off for the last week before CAT

Q: Please share with us your section-wise strategy.

A: I knew that Quant and DILR was my strong point. Had to attempt the most there. VARC was unpredictable and hence focused majorly on RCs rather than other questions

Q: Which books did you refer to for CAT preparation?

A: For my CAT preparation I referred to Arun Sharma books.

Q: Did you join any coaching institute? How does coaching institute help in CAT preparation?

A: No, I didn't join any coaching institute.

Q: How many mock tests did you attempt and how important is a mock test series?

A: I gave 3 full-length mock tests and 3-4 sectional mock tests

Q: What was your exam day strategy?

A: Just keep calm and focus on the current question on the screen. Don't let the issues in a specific section hamper your other 2 sections

Q: Any tips for future CAT aspirants?

A: Don't delay your prep. Start as early as possible. Solve as many questions as you can. Understand RCs and DILR sets properly. Quality over Quantity should be your aim.

Q: Which IIMs /Institutes are you targeting?

A: Considering my profile (General / Engineer / Male), I'm targeting FMS, IIM Koozhikode, IIM Lucknow, IIM Indore

Q: Tell us something about your educational background, family, hobbies, profession.

A: I completed engineering from MIT Pune in the Computer Science domain. I have around 1.5 years of experience in Analytics (1 year at ZS, remaining at Mastercard). My hobbies include reading, playing cricket and gaming.

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