Bihar School Examination Board Warns Against Exam Fraud, Urges Vigilance Amidst Result Anticipation

Bihar School Examination Board Warns Against Exam Fraud, Urges Vigilance Amidst Result Anticipation

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New Delhi, Updated on Mar 5, 2024 12:30 IST

BSEB in its notice has stated that it has received information that some anti-social elements are demanding money from students and parents to increase marks in Board Exam Results.

The Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) has released a public notice alerting students and parents about the fraudulent activities of certain anti-social elements attempting to extort money by promising increased marks in board exams. The notice warns against falling prey to such deceptive schemes and emphasizes the illegality of such actions.

According to the notice, there have been reports of individuals posing as representatives of the BSEB and contacting students and parents, falsely claiming to have the ability to manipulate exam marks. These unscrupulous elements seek financial gains by exploiting the hopes and aspirations of students appearing for the Intermediate/Annual Secondary Examination 2024.

The BSEB categorically denounces these fraudulent practices, emphasizing that attempting to alter exam marks is not only unethical but also illegal. The notice underscores the integrity of the examination process, highlighting the use of fully barcoded answer sheets to ensure confidentiality and prevent tampering with marks.

The BSEB urges the public to remain vigilant and report any suspicious phone calls or solicitations to the local authorities immediately. They emphasize the importance of registering complaints with the police or the cybercrime cell against individuals involved in such fraudulent activities.

Furthermore, the notice requests the cooperation of the public in identifying and reporting these anti-social elements to the BSEB. By working together, strict action can be taken against those attempting to undermine the integrity of the examination system.

Bihar Board Results 2024

As the Bihar Board intermediate exams draw to a close, the BSEB is gearing up to announce the results for both Class 10 and Class 12 examinations. The BSEB Intermediate (Class 12) results are expected to be declared around the festival of Holi, while the results for Class 10 exams are anticipated within the next week.

The evaluation process for the Class 12 answer sheets is currently underway, with approximately 25,000 teachers diligently assessing papers across 200 designated centers. Teachers are working diligently from 9 am to 5 pm, with an additional hour if necessary, to expedite the assessment process. This dedicated effort ensures that the evaluation is completed promptly, facilitating timely result announcements and maintaining the integrity of the examination system amidst heightened vigilance against fraudulent activities.

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