What You Should Know About Click-Through Rate

What You Should Know About Click-Through Rate

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High CTR indicates strong targeting and messaging. It contributes to Quality Score and Ad Rank which impact campaign performance. Poor CTR may suggest irrelevance.


CTR or Click-through rate is an important metric in digital marketing. It is the ratio of clicks from users who clicked on your PPC ad, blog link on Google or other SERP, hyperlink, image or call-to-action (CTA) button for the email campaign.

The formula for click-through rate is

CTR = Total number of clicks/ Total number of impressions x100

The total number of clicks refer to how many users clicked on the link. And the total number of impressions refer to how many users saw or viewed the link. 

For example, if your ad had 10 clicks with 100 impressions, the clickthrough rate will be 10%. 

What Does the Click-Through Rate Indicate?

First, the CTR tells you the percentage of people who clicked on search engines. It does not indicate the conversion rate.

A high click-through rate is an indication of the ad’s or page’s relevance on the SERP and the users. It also indicates the page or ad you created includes the relevant keywords related to your business and industry. 

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A low CTR shows that your ad or page is not relevant to your business or your users. The possible symptoms for low click-through rate could be the wrong choice of keywords, page experience, or similar. 

You can revise the ad copy with a new set of keywords if you are running an ad campaign. Or follow the SEO guidelines and apply them to your blog, improve overall user experience, and attract more visitors organically. 

What is an Ideal Click-Through Rate?

A good click-through rate depends on the industry your business operates. CTR also varies from blogs to PPC ads.

A good organic CTR for a blog page is around 2%. This is based on data collected by Databox. 

For an ad campaign on Google Ads, the CTR is also affected by the position of the ad. 

According to CXL, the average CTR depends not only on the industry but also on the Google network comprising search and display. 

For display ads in the travel industry, the average clickthrough rate is 0.47%. For the travel industry in the search network, the average CTR is 9.19%. Refer to the screenshot from CXL below to know the average CTRs of different industries. 


It is also important to note that a high clickthrough rate is not always beneficial for some PPC ads. If the keyword you choose in the ad does not lead to sales, leads or brand visibility, a higher CTR will create a loss for your business. The reason is that you are paying every time when anyone is clicking the ad.  

Let’s take an example of an irrelevant ad of an automobile company mentioning ‘Get a free car!’ The CTR for this keyword phrase will shoot through the roof. But if the company is not offering any free car, the high CTR is meaningless. 

Relationship Between CTR and Quality Score

When it comes to online advertising, the CTR of your PPC ad is affected by the quality score.

The higher it is, the more likely it is that your ads will be seen by potential customers. Additionally, improving the quality of your landing pages can also help boost your Quality Score, since it affects how users perceive your brand after they click through from an ad. Ultimately, having a good CTR and well-crafted landing pages can make all the difference in achieving higher Quality Scores and better results from search engine campaigns.

Relationship Between CTR and Ad Rank

CTR measures relevance. It also contributes to your Ad Rank in the search engines.

Ad Rank is a key factor in determining the position of your ad on the search results page. It’s not just about who bids the highest – it’s about who has the highest Ad Rank. 

This means that even if you have a lower bid than another advertiser, you could still end up with a higher position if your CTR is higher than theirs. So, optimising for CTR can be an effective way to increase your Ad Rank and get more visibility for your ads.

Tips to Improve Click-Through Rate

  1. Craft magnetic headlines and copy: Include relevant keywords (1-2) and speak to your audience's desires.
  2. Don't forget the call to action (CTA): Make it clear, concise, and irresistible.
  3. Power up with visuals: Choose images that resonate with your channel and audience.
  4. Target like a laser: For Google Ads, choose relevant, affordable keywords, and use negative keywords to block irrelevant searches. Further refine your target audience based on demographics and interests.
  5. Master organic search: Use long-tail keywords in your headings and content.
  6. Speed is key: Make sure your website loads fast (slow sites = lower CTR).
  7. Visual content = higher engagement: Include images in your content to grab attention and improve CTR.

Parting Thoughts

So this was about the clickthrough rate meaning. Read more about other important metrics important in digital marketing by starting with Customer Lifetime Value

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