CAT 2022 Topper Interview: Know how Navneet Mangal crack CAT with 99.31%ile

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Updated on Dec 27, 2022 10:42 IST

In an exclusive interview with Shiksha, Navneet Mangal shares his preparation strategy and tips for future CAT aspirants. Read further to know more about CAT 2022 topper Navneet Mangal.

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CAT Topper Interview: Navneet Mangal, a Mechanical Engineering graduate cracked India's biggest MBA entrance exam, CAT 2022 with a 99.31 percentile. Navneet also has a 3-year working experience at Godrej & Boyce. This was Navneet's second attempt at CAT and for MBA admission, he is aiming at some top IIMs such as IIM-A, IIM-B, IIM-C, etc. keeping FMS, SP Jain and IIT Bombay as his backup. In an exclusive interview with Shiksha, Navneet Mangal shares his preparation strategy and tips for future CAT aspirants. Read further to know more about CAT 2022 topper Navneet Mangal.

IIM Bangalore declared CAT 2022 result two weeks earlier than usual, i.e. on December 21. CAT 2022 exam was held on November 27. 

CAT 2022 score

Overall Percentile: 99.31


  • VARC – 96.91
  • DILR – 99.06
  • QA – 97.60

Shiksha: Congratulations! Are you satisfied with your CAT result? How much score were you expecting?

Navneet: I was always expecting to get above 99 during my prep but the exam was a bit more difficult than my expectations, and I wasn't that happy with my performance on exam day. I'm quite satisfied with the percentile though.

Shiksha: Was this your first attempt at CAT?

Navneet: This was my 2nd serious attempt at CAT, previously I gave CAT in 2018 and scored around 95%le.

Shiksha: When did you start preparing for the CAT exam? What was your overall prep strategy?

Navneet: I started in June, so almost 6 months. As for the prep strategy, I just wanted to finish the syllabus as quickly as possible and then give as many mocks as I could. I opine that the exam basically wants to test how well you can pick your battles and optimize rather than how much you know.

Shiksha: Please share with us your section-wise strategy.

Navneet: Both VARC and LRDI call for habit based prep, so solving RCs and LRDI sets on a daily basis is a must. I've always been good in VARC, so I put in extra effort in LRDI section. Even if was busy all day due to some reason I'd make time to solve at least 2 sets. And since CAT has upped the LRDI section difficulty in the past few years, it does call for extra efforts. Prep for QA is the easiest, just solve as many questions as you can. Personally, I did the breadth first approach, wherein you do atleast the basics of each topic and dive into the advanced level for your strength. I've noticed a few questions in QA where multiple concepts were involved so doing the basics of every concept is important. 

Shiksha: Which books did you refer to for CAT preparation?

Navneet: I joined EduCorp-Chandigarh for my prep and their material was more than sufficient. In addition to that doing the previous year exams is probably the most important.

Shiksha: How many mock tests did you attempt and how important is a mock test series?

Navneet: I probably did more than 40 mocks and mocks are second only to the previous year's exams in your prep. So even if you've not finished your syllabus, just give mocks.

Shiksha: Did you join any coaching institute? How does the coaching institute help in CAT preparation?

Navneet: Yes. I joined EduCorp-Chandigarh in June. Mostly for learning in a structured form, and they biggest support during the ups and downs of my prep. Confidence is very important to give your best in the exam.

Shiksha: What was your exam day strategy?

Navneet: Mostly just to remember my best mock and not to carry over any bad performance into the next section.

Shiksha: Which IIMs /Institutes are you targeting?

Navneet: IIM BLACI (IIM Bangalore, IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Lucknow, IIM Calcutta, IIM Indore), , Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi, S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research and IIT Bombay - Indian Institute of Technology as my backup. 

Shiksha: Tell us something about your educational background, family and hobbies.

Navneet: I have done mechanical engineering and then worked for 3 yrs at Godrej & Boyce. My father works in HR at an MNC, my mother is a teacher and my sister is a journalist.

Shiksha: Any tips for future CAT aspirants?

Navneet: Just do your personal best, don't let the exam overwhelm you and if you have done your best accept the results.

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