CAT Logical Reasoning Questions with Solutions for Practice

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Preparing for CAT 2023? Check out some CAT Reasoning questions and their solutions. These questions will help you in understanding the type of questions asked and boost your CAT preparation for Logical Reasoning (LR).

CAT preparation: LR questions for practie

CAT preparation: LR questions for practice

Logical Reasoning (LR) section is an integral part of CAT exam. Preparation for this topic is tougher than the rest of topics because there are no formulas to be memorised. All depends on an individuals ability to analys the given pattern or series.

So what should be the CAT LR preparation strategy? The best way to prepare is by practicing a range and variety of CAT reasoning questions. Candidates preparing for CAT 2023 exam, must get hold of Logical Reasoning question banks and test series to have ample practice. CAT exam will be held on November 26, 2023. Candidates planning to appear for the exam must be starting their CAT preparation. Here are some practice Logical Reasoning questions for CAT preparation.

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Logical Reasoning Questions for CAT preparation 

DIRECTIONS for questions 1 to 4:

Five friends, Amol, Mandar, Piyu, Shashi and Reena attended Sagar’s birthday party, where they partook of the sumptuous snacks and dinner. Each of the five friends gifted Sagar a different article – a fountain pen, a cell phone, a shirt, a jacket and an I-Pod – and Sagar, in return, gifted each of them a different article – a video game, a sweater, a perfume, a calculator and a pair of sunglasses. The following is additional information about the gifts given by the friends and the gifts received from Sagar.

  • Amol gifted the shirt and received the video game in return.
  • Shashi did not gift the I-Pod but received the perfume in return.
  • Mandar did not gift an electronic item and received the calculator in return.
  • The person who gifted the jacket received the sweater in return and Reena received the pair of sunglasses. 

 1. Who among the following gifted the jacket?

1) Mandar
2) Shashi                        
3) Reena
4) None of these

2. Which of the following statements is true?

1) Two of the friends who did not gift electronic items, received electronic items in return       
2) Piyu gifted the jacket and Shashi gifted the I-Pod                      
3) Shashi neither gifted nor did he receive an electronic item        
4) The person who gifted the cell phone received the calculator in return

3. Which of the following is the correct combination of friend, article gifted and article received in return?

1) Piyu – Fountain Pen – Sunglasses               
2) Shashi – I-Pod – Perfume                           
3) Reena – I-Pod – Sunglasses
4) None of these

4. Which of the following is false?

1) Only one friend whose name does not start with a vowel, received an electronic item in return
2) The friend whose name appears last in alphabetical order, gifted an electronic item and received a non electronic item in return          
3) In alphabetical order, the friend who gifted the I-Pod appears before at least two other friends
4) The friend whose name in alphabetical order appears in the middle neither gifted nor received an electronic item

DIRECTIONS for questions 5 to 10: Mark the answer.

I) If the item is a Major Objective in making the decision: that is. One of the outcomes or results sought by the decision maker.
II) If the item is a Major Factor in making the decision that is, a consideration, explicitly mentioned, in the passage, that is basic in determining the decision.
III) If the item is Minor factor in making the decision; that is a secondary consideration that affects the criteria tangentially, relating to a Major Factor rather than to an objective.
IV) If the item is a Major Assumption in making the decision; that is, a supposition or projection made by the decision maker before weighting the variables

Business Situation

Dr. Goodrich, an upcoming practitioner in Hailey Street, Heartville, felt he needed more room to set up a laboratory next to his clinic. He felt he would invest his savings in buying a few microscopes and lab equipment to set up a new laboratory. A new ceramic factory had come up in the vicinity of Hartville and many families, mainly of those employed in the factory, had taken up residence in the adjoining area. Dr. Goodrich saw a potential increase in his clientele and wanted to cater to this new population. He felt that a small laboratory for testing blood, urine, sputum and other samples would expand his business. The only recourse would be to purchase a small cloth store adjoining his clinic owned by Mr. Terence Hill. This was a small shop, which was already declining due to the advent of a fashionable supermarket down town. Dr. Goodrich felt that Hill would be willing to sell his store at reasonable terms, and this was very important since after the setting up of his new laboratory, he would have very little capital to invest in the expansion of his clinic.

The following questions consist of items related to the passage above. Consider each item separately in terms of the passage and mark your answer.

5. increase in child and adult population in Hartville                  1)          2)         3)         4)

6. acquisition of property for expanding clinic                              1)          2)         3)         4)

7. cost of Hill’s property                                                             1)          2)         3)         4)

8.  state of the business of Hill’s Cloth store                              1)          2)         3)         4)

9. quality of lab equipment that Goodrich intends to buy           1)          2)         3)         4)

10. catering to the needs of patients will increase the business    1)          2)         3)         4)

Here are the Solved Answers to Questions 1-10:

 1 – 4

From the given information, we know that Amol, Shashi, Mandar and Reena received the video game, permume, calculator and sunglasses respectively. This means that Piyu received the sweater and we can then conclude that she gifted the jacket.
Since Mandar did not gift an electronic item, he could have gifted the fountain pen, the shirt or the jacket.
But we know that the shirt and the jacket were gifted by Amol and Piyu respectively.
So Mandar must have gifted the fountain pen.
We still need to figure out who gifted the cell phone and the I-Pod. Since we know that Shashi did not gift the I-Pod, Reena must have gifted the I-Pod and Shashi must have gifted the cell phone.
We can now match the friend’s name with the gift given and the gift received as follows:
Amol – Shirt – Video Game; Mandar – Fountain Pen – Calculator; Piyu – Jacket – Sweater; Shashi – Cell Phone – Perfume; Reena – I-Pod – Sunglasses.

Q.1 – (Ans.4) Piyu gifted the jacket.
Q.2 – (Ans.1) Amol and Mandar gifted the shirt and the fountain pen respectively (non-electronic items) and received the video game and the calculator respectively (electronic items).
Q.3 – (Ans.3) Reena gifted the I-Pod and received the pair of sunglasses in return.
Q.4 – (Ans.3) Only Amol and Mandar received electronic items. So option 1 is true. Shashi gifted the cell phone and received the perfume. So option 2 is true.

Reena gifted the I-Pod and in alphabetical order, she would appear second last. So option 3 is not true.

In alphabetical order, Piyu appears in the middle and she gifted the jacket and received the sweater in return. So option 4 is true.

5 – 10

In such questions it is best to analyse the case without looking at the questions asked. Here is a sample of such an analysis:

What is our objective: To buy the neighbouring cloth store.

Major Factors: Purchase price, the spending on repairs or modifications
(Don’t bother too much about minor factors, whatever is not major is minor)

Major Assumptions: Our patients would not want to go to outside labs for their tests.
The patient population around the clinic will continue to reside there. 

Q.5 – (Ans.4) From our list, we understand that it is one of the assumptions as he saw a potential increase in his clientele and wanted to cater to this new population.
Q.6 – (Ans.1) If we check with our list, we see that this is an assumption, since we have no clear way of forecasting or controlling this fact, yet it is still important.
Q.7 – (Ans.2) Checking from our list, this is indeed the purpose of this case – hence objective.
Q.8 – (Ans.3) The state of the business does not matter, since the key factor is whether Hill wants to sell or not. Hence, minor factor.
Q.9 – (Ans.3) Although the quality of equipment matters, he does not need to worry about it as far as this purchase decision is concerned.
Nor relevant – hence, minor factor.
Q.10 – (Ans.4) Again match with the checklist, you will realise that it is one of the assumptions. In some sense this is like a Critical Reasoning question.

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