Consumer Responsibilities You Must Be Aware Of

Consumer Responsibilities You Must Be Aware Of

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The article shares some of the most important consumer responsibilities that every consumer in the marketplace must be aware of.


We have rights that protect us from possible abuses or excesses as consumers. John F. Kennedy, president of the United States, first pointed out the importance of these rights in the early 1960s. World Consumer Rights Day was established on March 15, 1983, and in 1985 the United Nations issued a decree to protect consumers, claiming and recognizing their rights at an international level. In India, Consumer Protection Act (CPA) was introduced in 1986 to protect the interests of consumers and make them aware of consumer responsibilities.

As mentioned, as consumers, we also have responsibilities. We must be demanding and inform ourselves about the products we want to acquire. Thus, for example, it is important to ask ourselves about the origin of the products we buy, the materials with which they have been made, under what conditions the people who manufacture them work or if they are products that protect the environment.

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Consumer Responsibilities

To help you understand your role as a consumer, we have listed consumer responsibilities that everyone must know.

Be Aware

Consumers must know their rights and responsibilities. They should know the prices and quality of the commodities they want. They must make wise choices and refrain from settling on the quality or standard of a product or service. Consumers must make independent choices and refrain from buying products under the influence of the sellers.

Make Informed Decisions

Consumers should know about the product and make informed decisions before purchasing any product or service. Making informed decisions include checking the quality, price, and after-sales service of the product or service.

Being A Responsible Buyer And User

Consumers should know how to use the product and do so responsibly and follow the instructions and suggestions mentioned by the manufacturer.

Protect The Environment

Consumers should be aware of any environmental concerns the product they are using might have. They should take steps to reduce waste and conserve resources.

Keep Purchase Proofs

Keep the supporting documents of the purchases and the operations carried out, including advertising, tickets, order forms, delivery notes, deposit receipts, invoices, etc. These documents prove having carried out an act of consumption and of the conditions in which it occurred.

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Paying For Goods And Services

Consumers must not be wrongful in their buying behavior. They should pay for the goods and services they receive timely.

Responsibility To Speak Out 

Consumers should know they can express their grievances if they receive faulty products or services. They should know they can file complaints against contaminated or substandard products even if the cost is low. As consumers, if we do not raise our voices against such misdeeds and file complaints at the right time, it encourages business people to practise unfair trade practices and supply fake or defective goods.

Be An Ethical Consumer 

It is one of the least discussed consumer responsibilities but very important. Consumers must be ethical and fair and refrain from filing false complaints against sellers or manufacturers for personal benefits. They must discourage any illegal trade, hoarding, black marketing, etc.

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Be Quality Conscious 

Consumers must not compromise on the quality of the products. It is the consumer’s responsibility to be aware of the quality standards in their country. For example, AGMARK for agricultural products, ISI mark for electrical products, BIS mark for gold ornaments and FPO for processed fruit products are the known standards in India.

Request for Products and/or Services that Meet Your Needs

While requesting any product or service, you must ensure it suits your needs. You must disclose all financial obligations to all parties to ensure the decision is based on your ability to meet your additional obligations after contracting for the product or service.

Report Any Unauthorised Transactions to Your Bank

If you discover unauthorised transactions on your account, you must report this to your bank immediately.

Respecting the Rights of Others

Consumers should respect the rights of others, including the rights of other consumers, producers, and sellers.

Read Financial Documents Carefully

Do not sign contracts implying a significant financial outlay without seeking advice and carefully reading its content. If you receive commercial offers at your home by personal visit or telephone, only accept with having duly reflected and studied said offer. Request the information in writing.

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Consumer responsibilities are vital in shaping a fair, sustainable, and ethical marketplace. By fulfilling these consumer responsibilities, you can help create a more transparent and fair marketplace and contribute to society’s overall well-being.


What is the importance of consumer responsibilities?

Consumer responsibilities are important because they promote fair and ethical business practices, protect consumer rights, and contribute to a sustainable economy.

What are some basic consumer responsibilities?

Basic consumer responsibilities include making informed purchasing decisions, exercising consumer rights, responsibly using products and services, and providing business feedback.

How can I make informed purchasing decisions as a consumer?

To make informed decisions, you should research products or services, compare prices and quality, read reviews, and consider the companies' safety, environmental impact, and ethical practices.

What are consumer rights?

Consumer rights are the entitlements that consumers have, including the right to safety, the right to be informed, the right to choose, the right to be heard, and the right to redress.

Can consumer responsibilities help protect my personal information?

Yes, being responsible as a consumer involves safeguarding your personal information, such as credit card details and passwords, and being cautious when sharing them online.

What should I do if I have a complaint as a consumer?

If you have a complaint, you should contact the company or service provider to resolve the issue. If that fails, you can escalate the complaint to consumer protection agencies or seek legal advice.

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