CAT 2021 Topper Interview: Know How Mayank Kapur Scored 99.69 Percentile

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Updated on Jan 5, 2022 22:11 IST

Shiksha got in touch with CAT 2021 topper, Mayank Kapur, who scored 99.69 percentile. Read the CAT topper interview here and know details on the preparation and exam day strategy.

CAT 2021 Topper Interview

Name: Mayank Kapur

CAT Score: 112.25

Overall CAT Percentile: 99.69

Sectional Percentiles:

  • VARC: 93.21
  • DILR: 99.64
  • Quant: 99.67

Mayank Kapur who is in the last year of B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering) has topped CAT 2021 with 99.69 percentile. He has a knack for Finance and imparts the knowledge for better financial literacy among individuals. He has completed several finance-based internships while pursuing BTech from NIT Trichy. He found mock tests to help him during the CAT preparation phase. Shiksha connected with Mayank, CAT 2021 topper, to know his preparation strategy, future aspirations, and more. Read the exclusive interview below.

Q: Congratulations! Are you satisfied with your CAT result? What was the expected score?

A: Although I wanted a better score, I am satisfied with this score. I was expecting my score between the range of 106-108. A score as good as 112.25 was surprising for me.

Q: Was this your first CAT attempt?

A: Yes, it was. Based on the CAT eligibility criteria, I will be eligible for MBA after completing my bachelor’s degree in 2022.

Q: When did you start preparing for the CAT exam? What was your overall prep strategy?

A: I started disciplined preparation for CAT from January onwards. My overall strategy was to finish all the topics by October and keep on taking mocks and analysing my performance.

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Q: Please share with us your section-wise preparation strategy for CAT.

A: Here is the section-wise CAT preparation strategy followed by me:

  • VARC: I used to start with the Reading Comprehension section; I would start reading the RC and if I was able to comprehend and read at my normal pace then I used to attempt that whole RC otherwise I'd go for the next one. I kept a target of three RCs. Then I used to attempt the Verbal Ability section in the following order: Summary questions, Odd one out, para jumbles.
  • DILR: This section is 80 per cent strategy and 20 per cent aptitude. As per my analysis, there are always two doable sets in any exam, so I used to find those two sets and then think about solving the next one.
  • Quant: At first, I used to attempt the questions which were familiar to me, then I used to go for the rest.

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Q: Which books did you refer to for CAT preparation?

A: I was enrolled in online programmes offered by different coaching centres. I relied on the books provided by these coaching centres only. Apart from this, I solved previous year CAT question papers to meet the preparation needs

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Q: Did you join any coaching institute? How does the coaching institute help in CAT preparation?

A: Yes. So, a coaching institute gives you a routine and this is a pretty big factor. Most of us have other things that we are busy with but if we have a schedule then it will nudge us to be regular with the prep.

Q: How many mock tests did you attempt and how important is a mock test series?

A: I gave a total of 51 mocks and used to analyse them thoroughly, this was by far the most important factor in me getting a good percentile. People generally have a notion to appear for mocks only after they have completed the syllabus but for CAT it's the other way around. So I'd recommend everyone to keep giving mocks no matter what. Moreover, don't give any thought to the mock percentiles, they are very inaccurate even if they give you an All India Rank.

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Q: What was your exam day strategy?

A: I had only one thing in mind, to keep my calm. I ensured that I didn't indulge in anything that'd stress me out on the exam day.

Q: Any tips for future CAT aspirants?

A: Mocks mocks and a lot of mocks. Don't look at the mock percentiles, it doesn't matter because for some reason they are very inaccurate. Be consistent with mock analysis.

Q: Which IIMs /Institutes are you targeting?

A: I am expecting CAT admission calls from the following IIMs:

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Q: Tell us something about your educational background, hobbies, and profession.

A: I am currently in the fourth year of B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering) at NIT Trichy. My hobbies include playing football, reading and learning more about personal finance.

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