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IEM Joint Entrance Examination 2023 ( IEMJEE )

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IEMJEE Syllabus 2023: Institute of Engineering & Management has released the IEMJEE 2023 syllabus at the official website. Applicants appearing in the exam can refer to the IEMJEE syllabus for their preparations. IEMJEE syllabus is vital for candidates seeking admission to devise a good preparation strategy. It is because syllabus of IEMJEE 2023 gives an understanding of the topics and helps in priortizing the subjects for study. IEMJEE syllabus for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics has been updated on this page. All the topics in IEMJEE 2023 syllabus are incorporated from Class 11 and Class 12 syllabus of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Besides, candidates must have a look at the IEMJEE 2023 exam pattern, which will impart knowledege of total questions, total marks, duration, etc. Further, look over more details related to the syllabus of IEMJEE 2023 below.

Latest Updates:

IEMJEE 2023 Syllabus

Check IEMJEE Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics syllabus in the table below.

IEMJEE 2023 Syllabus for Mathematics

UNIT 1: Sets, relations and functions

UNIT 9: Integral calculus

UNIT 2: Complex numbers and quadratic equations

UNIT 10: Differential equations

UNIT 3: Matrices and determinants 

UNIT 11: Co-ordinate geometry

UNIT 4: Permutations and combinations

UNIT 12: Three dimensional geometry

UNIT 5: Mathematical induction

UNIT 13: Vector algebra

UNIT 6: Binomial theorem and its simple applications

UNIT 14: Statistics and probability

UNIT 7: Sequences and series

UNIT 15: Trigonometry

UNIT 8: Limit, continuity and differentiability

UNIT 16: Mathematical reasoning

IEMJEE Syllabus 2023 for Physics

Unit 1: physics and measurement

Unit 11: electrostatics

Unit 2: kinematics

Unit 12: currrent electricity

Unit 3: laws of motion

Unit 13: magnetic effects of current and magnetism

Unit 4: work,energy and power

Unit 14: electromagnetic induction and alternating currents

Unit 5: rotational motion

Unit 15: electromagnetic waves

Unit 6: gravitation

Unit 16: optics

Unit 7: properties of solids and liquids

Unit 17: dual nature of matter andradiation

Unit 8: thermodynamics

Unit 18: atoms and nuclei

Unit 9: kinetic theory of gases

Unit 19: electronic devices

Unit 10: oscillations and waves

Unit 20: communication systems

IEMJEE 2023 Syllabus for Chemistry

Section A: Physical Chemistry

Unit 1: some basic concepts in chemistry

Unit 6: solutions

Unit 2: states of matter

Unit 7: equilibrium

Unit 3: atomic structure

Unit 8: redox reactions and electrochemistry

Unit 4: chemical bonding and molecular strucure

Unit 9: chemical kinetics

Unit 5: chemical thermodynamics

Unit10: surface chemistry

Section B: Inorganic Chemistry

Unit 11: classificaton of elements and periodicity in properties

Unit 15: p – block elements

Unit 12: general principles and processes of isolation of metals

Unit 16: d – and f – block elements

Unit 13: hydrogen

Unit 17: co-ordination compounds

Unit 14: s – block elements (alkali and alkaline earth metals)

Unit 18: environmental chemistry

Section C: Organic Chemistry

Unit 19: purification and characterisation of organic compounds

Unit 24: organic compounds containing nitrogen

Unit 20: some basic principles of organic chemistry

Unit 25: polymers

Unit 21: hydrocarbons

Unit 26: biomolecules

Unit 22: organic compounds containing halogens

Unit 27: chemistry in everyday life

Unit 23: organic compounds containing oxygen

Unit 28: principles related to practical chemistry

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IEMJEE Syllabus 2023 - BTech Lateral Entry

Look at the syllabus of BTech Lateral Entry in the table below:

For diploma holders in Engineering and Technology:

Engineering Mathematics

Electrical Technology

Computer Application

Environmental Engineering

Engineering Mechanics

Strength of Materials

Basic printing engineering

Printers’ Material Science

Soil and Water

Farm Machinery and Power

Food Processes and Food Harvest Engineering

Prescribed diploma syllabus of the West Bengal State Council of Technical Education

For BSc candidates:


Mathematics pass course syllabus of the University of Calcutta

For Diploma holders in Pharmacy:


Diploma level syllabus in Pharmacy as prescribed by the Pharmacy Council of India.

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