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INI CET 2024

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Getting acquainted with INI CET 2024 July session syllabus is important for candidates who plan to appear for the exam. INI CET syllabus 2024 is the tool without which one can’t plan INI CET preparation. The whole preparation strategy is based upon the syllabus of INI CET 2024. With the help of INI CET syllabus, candidates can easily draw out a study plan, devoting time to each subject as required. INI CET 2024 will be held on May 19, 2024 for July session. The exam will be held in computer-based mode.

In addition, candidates get to know which topics need more time and effort. The syllabus helps candidates to know what to study and how much to study for the exam. Along with the syllabus, candidates must look at the INI CET exam pattern to know about the test mode, duration, and the number of questions asked in the exam. 

INI CET 2024 Syllabus for January session comprises three sections, Pre-Clinical Phase, Para-Clinical Phase and Clinical Phase. These sections have been further divided into topics and subtopics. Read the article to know all about the subjects and topics of the INI CET 2024 syllabus.

Subjects to be covered in INI CET 2024 July Session Syllabus

Pre-Clinical Subjects

  • Biochemistry

  • Physiology

  • Anatomy

Para-Clinical Subjects

  • Pathology

  • Microbiology

  • Forensic

  • Medicine

  • Pharmacology

  • Community Medicine

Clinical Subjects

  • Obstetrics

  • Gynaecology

  • Community Medicine

  • Paediatrics

  • Clinical Postings

  • Surgery & Allied Subjects

  • Medicine and allied subjects

Q:   Is it necessary to cover all sections and topics from the syllabus of INI CET?

Yes. As the INI CET entrance exam is one of the toughest exams and questions could be concept-based, candidates have to focus on every subject and topic in the syllabus. One can't afford to neglect any of the topic in the exam. Plan in such a way so that every topic is covered well before time and you have enough time for 2-3 times revision. In addition, focus more on those areas where you are weak. Do analyze your performance on regular basis.

Q:   Why candidates should know INI CET syllabus?

Candidates should have an idea about the INI CET syllabus so that they can make a study plan for each subject and topic keeping in mind the time left for the exam. Syllabus makes candidates plan things in more strategic manner. With syllabus, candidates learn all about the exam pattern, time management skill, develops preparation strategy, improve overall performance by focussing more on weak areas, and to avoid missing topic.

Q:   What are the books required for the INI CET?


A list of the best books for the INI CET exam is listed below; Books for pre-Clinical Subjects: Books for Anatomy: 1- Read Self Assessment and Review of Anatomy by Rajesh K Kaushal 2- Anatomy for FMGE by P. Harinath, K. Raviraj & Vishwajit. R. D 3- Revise Anatomy in 15 days by K. Raviraj Books for Physiology: 1- Complete Review of Integrated Systems Physiology by S Krishna Kumar 2- Quick review series: Physiology for FMGE by Prem Balaguru & P. Harinath 3- Review of Physiology (PGMEE) by Soumen Manna Books for Biochemistry: 1- Biochemistry by Smily Pahwa 2- Quick review series: Biochemistry for FMGE by A. Balasubramanian 3- Self-Assessment and Review of Biochemistry by Rebecca James Books for Clinical Subjects: 1- Orthopaedics: PROAFS 2- Radiology: PROAFS 3- Skin: ACROSS Book 4- PSM: Review for PSM by Vivek Jain 5- Paediatrics: Jitendra Talekar and Notes by Dr. Marwah 6- Obstetrics & Gynaecology: Review Book by Dr. Sakshi Arora and Review Book by Harmeet Goal 7- Ophthalmology: Dr. Ruchi Rai for Ophthalmology 8- Anaesthesia: ACROSS Book 9- Surgery: Admit Tripathi and Ashish Gupta or Rachna Chaurasia / Arora 10- Medicine: Mudit Khanna MCQ Internal medicine.

Explore subject-wise topics asked in INI CET

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INI CET Syllabus 2024: Topics to be Covered in Pre-Clinical Subjects

INI CET syllabus for Anatomy

  1. Microanatomy

  2. Gross Anatomy

  3. Neuroanatomy

  4. Embryology & Genetics

INI CET syllabus for Biochemistry

  1. Biological Cell

  2. Hormones and PH

  3. Enzymes

  4. Food Assimilation and Nutrition

  5. Biomolecules

  6. Molecular Biology

  7. Metabolic Pathways

  8. Environmental Biochemistry

  9. Physiological Buffer Systems

  10. Immunology

  11. Cancer and Cancer Makers

INI CET syllabus for Physiology

  1. Gastrointestinal System

  2. General Physiology

  3. Reproduction

  4. Nerve-Muscle

  5. Kidney

  6. Nutrition

  7. Blood

  8. Respiratory System

  9. Cardiovascular System

  10. Neurophysiology

  11. Sensory System

  12. The Visceral and Motivational System

  13. Motor System

  14. EEG

  15. Special Senses

  16. Yoga

  17. Sleep and Higher Nervous Functions

Q:   What topics are there in the Anatomy of Pre Clinical part of the INI CET syllabus?

Anatomy comprises topics like Microanatomy, Gross Anatomy, Neuroanatomy, and Embryology & Genetics. Candidates should prepare these topics in details so that you can answer maximum questions in the exam.

Q:   How many questions will be there in the INI CET 2024 exam?


AIIMS will release INI CET 2024 exam pattern for July session. According to the existing pattern, there will be 200 questions in the exam. All the questions will be multiple choice type. Candidates will be given three hours to answer the question paper. There will be negative marking in the exam. For every wrong answer 1/3 mark will be deducted from the total. That is why candidates are advised to answer only those questions where they feel confident of right answer.


Q:   How many subjects are there in the Pre-Clinical section?

Pre-Clinical section comprises subjects like Anatomy, Physiology, and Biochemistry. They are further divided into subtopics. Candidates need to plan well to complete the syllabus well on time. They need to make a time table, divide the topics in strong and weak areas and allocate time accordingly, and take regular revision to take stock of the situation.

INI CET Syllabus 2024: Topics to be Covered in Para-Clinical Subjects

INI CET syllabus for Pathology

  1. Complement System

  2. Coronary Artery Disease

  3. Tumour Markers

  4. Glomerulonephritis Flow Cytometry

  5. Barrett Esophagus

  6. Pedigree Analysis

  7. Sarcoidosis

  8. Thyroid Carcinoma

  9. Hypersensitivity

INI CET syllabus for Pharmacology

  1. Neuropharmacology

  2. Psychopharmacology

  3. Toxicology

  4. Clinical Pharmacology

  5. Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology

INI CET syllabus for Forensic Medicine

  1. Firearm Injuries

  2. Bloodstains

  3. Seminal Stains

  4. Types and Signs of Drowning

  5. IPC Sections

  6. Narcoanalysis

  7. Toxicology

  8. Bites of various insects

  9. Different doctrine

  10. Autopsy methods of organ’s removal

  11. Antemortem

  12. Rigor Mortis

  13. Cadaveric Spasm

  14. Blast Injuries

  15. Torture Methods

INI CET syllabus for Microbiology

  1. Vectors

  2. Immunodeficiency disorders

  3. Heterophile Antigen

  4. Lab diagnosis, species identification and relapse regarding Malaria

  5. Mycoplasma pneumonia

  6. Eggs in Parasitology

  7. Dimorphic fungi

  8. Viral Hepatitis Serology

  9. Life cycle

INI CET Syllabus 2024: Topics to be covered in Clinical Subjects

INI CET syllabus for Obstetrics

  1. Preeclampsia

  2. Postpartum Haemorrhage

  3. Antepartum Haemorrhage

  4. Uterine rupture

  5. Uterine inversion

  6. Biophysical profile

  7. Induction of labour

  8. Indications of caesarean section

  9. Hyperemesis gravidarum

INI CET syllabus for Pediatrics

  1. Acute respiratory insufficiency program

  2. Respiratory distress syndrome

  3. Developmental milestones

  4. Autism

  5. Neonatal jaundice

  6. Neonatal sepsis

  7. Neonatal resuscitation

  8. Tetralogy of Fallot

  9. Bronchial Asthma

  10. Nephrotic syndrome

  11. Vitamins and mineral deficiency

  12. Dengue fever

  13. Paediatrics

INI CET syllabus for Gynaecology

  1. Symptoms of ovulation

  2. Process to manage Fibroid uterus and prolapse of the uterus

  3. Details of Trichomonas, Candida, Gonococcus

  4. Bacterial vaginosis

  5. Emergency contraception

  6. Contraception and sterilization

  7. Supports of uterus

  8. Menstrual cycle

  9. Menopause

  10. Postmenopausal bleeding

INI CET syllabus for Clinical Postings

  1. Internal Medicine

  2. Paediatrics

  3. General Surgery

  4. Orthopaedics

  5. Ophthalmology

  6. Family Welfare Clinic

  7. Health Education Unit

  8. Elective Posting

INI CET syllabus for Community Medicine

  1. Man, and Medicine

  2. Concept on Health and Disease

  3. Environment and Health

  4. Medicine and Social Science

  5. Screening for Disease

  6. Hospital Waste Management

  7. Concept on Epidemiology

  8. Epidemiology on commutable and non-commutable disease

  9. Demography and family planning

  10. Nutrition and Health

  11. Types of preventive medicine for paediatrics obstetrics and geriatrics

  12. Genetics and Health

  13. Mental Health

INI CET syllabus for Surgery and Allied Subjects

  1. Anaesthesiology

  2. E.N.T

  3. Ophthalmology

  4. Orthopaedics

INI CET syllabus for Medicine and Allied Subjects

  1. Psychiatry

  2. Dermatology

Q:   Which part of INI CET 2024 syllabus is difficult to prepare?


All three subjects such as clinical, pre clinical, para clinical are equally difficult to prepare. Clinical topics are vast in comparison to pre and para clinical topics. Ideally candidates should focus on understanding the concept. Candidates should keep the fact in mind INI CET is one of the toughest exams so shallow preparation doesn’t work. They should have robust plan and strategy to crack the exam.


Q:   How many sections will be there in the INI CET 2024 January session syllabus?


There will be three sections in the INI CET 2024 syllabus, Pre-Clinical, Clinical and Para-Clinical. Candidates are advised to prepare all three sections in details to score well in the exam. Pre clinical section comprises subjects such as Biochemistry, Physiology, Anatomy while Para clinical includes Pathology, Microbiology, Forensic, Medicine, Pharmacology, and Community Medicine. Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Community Medicine, Paediatrics, Clinical Postings, Surgery & Allied Subjects Medicine and allied subjects, have been included in clinical section.


Why INI CET 2024 Syllabus Important?

INI CET syllabus 2024 is one of the basic ingredients which helps candidates to make strategies for INI CET 2024 exam preparation. Some of the advantages of knowing the syllabus of INI CET 2024 are as follows:

  • INI CET 2024 syllabus helps candidates to make preparation strategies 
  • They get an idea about the subjects that need to be prepared for the exam
  • Through the syllabus, candidates get to know about the topics in a particular subject 
  • This helps candidates to decide which topic needs more attention
  • INI CET 2024 syllabus helps candidates in allocating time to each topic depending upon their strengths and weaknesses

INI CET 2024 Syllabus: Frequently Asked questions (FAQs)


Q:   Has AIIMS released INI CET 2024 date for July session?


Yes. AIIMS, the exam conducting body has released tentative date for INI CET 2024 exam for July session. The exam will be held most likely on May 19 in computer-based mode. Candidates will have to register online and submit application form for INI CET 2024. The application process for AIIMS INI CET 2024 comprises basic and final registration. Basic registration is mandatory to proceed for final step of application process. AIIMS will start basic registration for INI CET 2024 most likely in the first week of March. Candidates who apply successfully will be issued INI CET 2024 admit card.


Q:   When will AIIMS release INI CET 2024 admit card?


AIIMS has released INI CET 2024 admit card on October 30. The admit card link has been activated online for candidates who will apply successfully for IN CET 2024 exam. The admit card has to be downloaded from the official website. It must be noted that admit card is not sent to individual candidate, but he/she will have to download the admit card with login ID, EUC and password. INI CET admit card contains important personal details and exam date, timing, name and address of the centre. INI CET 2024 exam is scheduled to be held on November 5 in computer-based mode.


Q:   Can I register offline for AIIMS INI CET 2024 exam?


No. According to official information brochure, candidates will have to register online. Registration can be done on the official website, to submit applications for AIIMS INI CET 2024 July session. It must be noted that INI CET application form is filed in two stages, basic and final registration. Those who complete the basic registration can go for final registration. Generation of the Exam Unique Code (EUC) is mandatory to submit applications for INI CET 2024 July session.



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Answered a week ago

April 26 is the deadline to generate Exam Unique Code (EUC). Only those candidates who already have completed the basic registration form can generate EUC. Candidates have to generate EUC for the final registration. The final registration is the last part of the application process followed by the b



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After INI CET basic registration, candidates will have to generate Exam Unique Code (EUC) and proceed for the final registration. EUC can be generated after logging with registration ID and password and selecting course for admission. Candidates will have to enter qualification details, registration



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Candidates will have to login online and submit basic details to complete the basic registration. Check the steps given below to complete the basic registration for INI CET:

  • Go to and click on ‘Academic courses’
  • Select ‘MD/ MS/ MCh (6years)/ DM (6years)/ MDS’ and click on ‘Proceed’
  • In ne



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AIIMS Bhopal, INI CET Cutoff 2024

AIIMS Bhopal, INI CET Cutoff 2024 for OBC Category is listed below. The overall cutoff for INI CET is 158 - 9734 rank.
Cutoff By Rank
Cutoff By Rank
Cutoff By Rank
MD Radiogenesis
MD General Medicine
MD Dermatalogy
MD Pediatrics
MD Obsterics and Gaynaecology
MS General Surgery
MD Opthalmology
MD Orthopedics
MD Radiotherapy1494--
MD Anestesiology197213722557
MD Phyciatry2021--
MD Community Medicine313138462853
MD Pathology
MD Anatomy9734--
MD Microbiology
MD in Forensic Medicine and Studies
MD Biochemistry-75023950

According to experts, scoring 160+ marks in INI CET exam is considered good

The qualifying cut off percentile for the general category is 50th while f



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The overall cutoff for INI-CET is 177 rank.


Score/Rank in INI CET

ELIGIBILITY CRITERIACandidate should have passed MBBS from a University recognised by the Medical Council of India/Dental Council of India and must have completed the required period of 12 months compulsory rotating In



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On computer or mobile, search INI CET Previous Year Question Papers. The previous year's question papers of the Institute of National Importance Combined Entrance Test will open. Now click the INI CET Question Papers link of the relevant year.


heena agrawal

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There is no upper age limit to appear for INI CET exam. At the same time, there is no capping on number of attempts in the exam. Candidates should have completed an undergraduate degree in medical field from a recognised institute/college. They must have scored 55% marks (general category) in qualif



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Answered 2 months ago

AIIMS Rishikesh INI CET cutoff 2024 has been released for Round 2. As per the latest cutoff round, the closing ranks for INI CET ranged between 115 and 16732 for the OBC category students. Considering the Round 2 cutoff, MD in General Medicine was the most competitive course, followed by MD in Paedi



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The All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS),  Rishikesh accepts INI CET scores for admission to the  MD, MS, DM (6 yrs), MCh (6 yrs) and MDS courses. AIIMS Rishikesh INI CET cut off 2024 has been released for Janurary session. As per the INI CET Round 2 seat allotment result, the closing ran



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AIIMS Delhi accepts MD CET scores, followed by INI CET Counselling process for admission to the MD/ MS/ MDS/ DM and MCh courses. As per the AIIMS Delhi cut off 2024 for INI CET January session, the Round 1 and the Round 2 cutoffs have been released so far. Next round is expected to release soon. Bas



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14 Institutes accepting INI CET

MS in General Surgery
  • Total Fees: ₹ 2,106
  • |
  • 3 years
  • |
  • Full Time
MS in General Surgery
  • Total Fees: ₹ 7,110
  • |
  • 3 years
  • |
  • Full Time
MD in Ayurveda Manovigyan Evam Manasa Roga (MD Ayu)
  • Total Fees: ₹ 1.50 Lakh
  • |
  • 3 years
  • |
  • Full Time

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