SUAT Integrated programmes Preparation 2024: Tips, Strategy & Guide

Sharda University Admission Test 2024 ( SUAT )

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SUAT 2024 preparation tips are important for the candidates to strategize and prepare well for the upcoming examination. By following certain SUAT preparation tips 2024, the candidates will have a higher chance of scoring well in the examination. Sharda University will conduct SUAT 2024 as a computer-based test for all eligible candidates. Since the examination has several eligible aspirants, the candidates should score well in the exam to have a higher chance of allotment. To show their best performance, the candidates should be well prepared for SUAT 2024 by being familiar with the official syllabus, and pattern and attempting previous years' papers, mock tests and more. Candidates can check the SUAT 2024 preparation tips to know what points they can add to their strategy to strengthen it.

Q:   What are the tips to prepare a timetable for SUAT preparation?


Candidates are advised to create a personalized timetable while preparing for SUAT. While preparing the timetable, the candidates will have to divide the official syllabus equally so that the topics are covered before the examination date. This will allow the candidates to allot enough time for revision and mock tests. This will ensure that the studying pattern of the candidates is not monotonous.


Q:   What is the level of SUAT?


According to the authorities, the level of the SUAT syllabus will be similar to the 12th standard (or equivalent) qualifying exam syllabus. Candidates will have to prepare various topics from Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English Communication and General Aptitude. The official SUAT syllabus is available online at Candidates are advised to check the syllabus carefully before commencing their preparation process.


Q:   Do I need to study the entire SUAT syllabus?


Candidates are advised to study the entire SUAT syllabus since the corresponding topics will be used to prepare the question paper. By studying all of the topics included in the SUAT syllabus, the candidates will have higher chances of performing well in the entrance examination. However, the candidates can identify important topics of SUAT syllabus and give more focus on them. The topics which have more weightage in the previous year papers are likely to have the same in the upcoming examination.


SUAT 2024 Preparation Tips

Check Exam Pattern and Syllabus

Candidates are advised to check the SUAT 2024 exam pattern before commencing their preparation. Knowledge regarding how the examination will be conducted and more can be obtained by checking the exam pattern beforehand. Details regarding the mode of exam, duration, marking scheme and more will also be released through the exam pattern. Along with the exam pattern, the candidates are also advised to check the official SUAT 2024 syllabus. Details regarding which units and topics have to be studied for the examination can be checked through the syllabus. Candidates will be able to gain an advantage by checking the exam pattern and syllabus beforehand and will be able to structure their preparation plan well.

Create a Personal Timetable

A personal timetable is essential to plan an individual’s studying schedule. Candidates can divide their time equally to all subjects, units and topics that have to be studied through a well-prepared timetable. The timetable should also have some hours dedicated towards revision, mock tests and extracurricular studies. This will lessen the chances of the studying pattern being monotonous.

Make Small Notes

Candidates are advised to create notes whenever they are studying topics that they find difficult. By writing down those points which they have a hard time understanding, the candidates will be able to have more clarity and revise it whenever and wherever they wish to. Creating notes will also help the candidates retain better, whatever they have studied.

Practice Mock Tests

Mock tests will help the candidates know their current preparation stance and accordingly create a strategy to help them do well in the examination. Mock tests are prepared as a replica of the examination and candidates will be able to understand the pattern by attempting it. Time management can also be improved using mock tests.

Revision is a Must

Candidates are advised to include revision in their daily routine. This will allow the candidates to understand more clearly what they have earlier studied and will help them retain it. Doubts regarding any unit or topic that they had earlier studied can also be cleared during revision. Daily revision should be included in the daily timetable to have a higher chance of showing a good performance in the examination.

Good Health Is Essential

A healthy body and mind are important to have good results in the examination. There are fewer chances of the candidates performing well in the examination if they are physically and mentally exhausted. Therefore, the candidates are advised to have a good sleep routine and diet. Healthy foods and fruits should be consumed and candidates are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities to keep their mental health stable.

Q:   Does practicing with mock tests help with SUAT preparation?


Yes. Mock tests are an essential part of the SUAT preparation process. By regularly attempting mock tests, the candidates will be able to get an idea about their preparation progress. Mock tests also help the candidates become familiar with the exam pattern. Candidates can use the mock tests to identify their commonly made mistakes so that they can work on it. Another advantage of including mock tests in the daily preparation routine is advancing the time management skills.


Q:   Is the syllabus important for the SUAT preparation?


Yes. The SUAT syllabus is an important part of the examination preparation process. Candidates are advised to carefully check the list of topics that need to be studied through the syllabus of SUAT. By having beforehand information on which topics have to be prepared, the candidates will be able to plan out their studies. This will allow them to complete the syllabus before the examination date and allow them to have ample time for revision.


Q:   How often should I include revision in my SUAT preparation timetable?


Revision is an important and essential part of the SUAT preparation process. Candidates are advised to include revision in their daily schedule so that they are able to review the topics that they have studied before. Revision will also allow the candidates to know their preparation progress so that they can accordingly make adjustments to their study plan. All of the candidates should revise regularly to have a higher chance of understanding the subject and performing well in the exam.


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SUAT 2024 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Read for SUAT 2024 Preparation Tips Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Q:   Where can I check the SUAT syllabus?


SUAT syllabus is available online at Candidates can access the subjects, units and topics to be studied for the entrance exam through the syllabus of SUAT. During the preparation process, the candidates are advised to be careful and check the syllabus so that they are aware of the topics to prepare for the exam. Knowing the syllabus beforehand will allow the candidates to accordingly prepare their study plan for the exam.


Q:   Will SUAT be held online?


Yes. SUAT will be held online i.e., as a computer-based test. The candidates will have to report at their respective centres to attempt SUAT. The SUAT question paper will consist of multiple-choice questions and the candidates will have to select the correct option and submit it online. The authorities will not conduct SUAT in any other mode. Candidates will be required to book slots for the entrance exam.


Q:   When will SUAT 2024 be held?


SUAT 2024 exam dates have not been announced yet. The authorities will conduct SUAT 2024 as a computer-based test. All candidates will have to attempt the SUAT 2024 exam to be qualified for admissions into the BTech courses offered by the authorities. The total duration of SUAT 2024 is 1 hour 30 minutes, and the candidates will have to attempt 100 objective multiple-choice questions.


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