OJEE BAMS, BHMS 2022 Syllabus: Check Section-wise Exam Syllabus Here

Odisha Joint Entrance Examination 2022 ( OJEE )

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OJEE syllabus 2023 is prescribed by Odisha Joint Entrance Exam Committee for each course. The syllabus mentions topics and subjects on which the OJEE question paper will be based. Candidates must have a sound knowledge of the OJEE syllabus in order to score well in the entrance exam. Candidates need to practice the topics mentioned in OJEE 2023 syllabus. OJEE 2023 will likely be held in the month of June 2023. Applicants must also know the OJEE exam pattern to understand the marking scheme, number of questions, topics that might be asked, etc. Candidates appearing for OJEE 2023 can check here detailed syllabus for their course. 

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OJEE Syllabus 2023 for MBA/PGDM

The syllabus for OJEE MBA and Integrated MBA is the same. Also, check OJEE MBA exam pattern and previous years' OJEE question papers for better exam preparation.

OJEE MBA Syllabus

OJEE MBA Syllabus

Section 1: Quantitative Techniques

Check the table below to know the important topics to study for the Quantitative Techniques section.

Quantitative Techniques syllabus
Arithmetic Geometry
Percentage Average
Number systems Profit and Loss
Ratio and Proportion Time, speed and distance
Mensuration Quadratic equation
Trigonometry Probability

Section 2: Analytical and Logical Reasoning

Check the table below to know the important topics to study for the Analytical and Logical Reasoning section.

Analytical and Logical Reasoning syllabus
Data Interpretation Codes
Time and Sequence Blood Relations
Series Statements and conclusions

Section 3: Verbal Reasoning and Comprehension

Check the table below to know the important topics to study for the VARC section.

                                  Verbal Reasoning and Comprehension syllabus
Sequence of words Passages Fill in the blanks
Analogy Arithmetic Sentence Completion
Word puzzles Antonyms Synonyms
Grammar Vocabulary Para Jumbles
Syllogisms Action, cause and effect Idioms

Section 4: General Awareness and Business Fundamentals

Check the table below to know the important topics to study for General Awareness and Business Fundamentals section.

General Awareness and Business Fundamentals
Codes in Data Communication, Data Structuring Terminals, Networking
Operating Systems Computer Arithmetics
Software developments and inventions Basic fundamentals of PC, Hardware
General Awareness regarding National Stock Exchanges, Budget Economics, policies
Current Affairs and Events Medicine, Science & Technology related research, developments
Corporate awards International events
Political events Financial and budget-related topics
Sports events Cinema Awards, National Awards

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OJEE Syllabus for BPharm, BHMS and BAMS 

Candidates can check here the common syllabus for BPharm, BAMS and BHMS sections. Also check the exam pattern for OJEE BPharm, BAMS and BHMS here.

OJEE BPharma Syllabus

OJEE BPharma Syllabus

Section 1: Physics

Check the table below to know the important topics to study for Physics section.

Physics Syllabus
Measurements and Motion Heat & Thermodynamics
Characteristics of Materials Liquids
Electricity and Magnetism Wave Motion
Optics Atomic and Nuclear Physics
Electronic devices Optical instruments

Section 2: Chemistry

Check the table below to know the important topics to study for Chemistry section.

Chemistry Syllabus
General behavior of matter Basic Concepts of Chemistry (Atoms and molecules)
Structure of atoms and molecules Chemical bonds
Periodic classification Chemical energetics, equilibrium and kinetics
Types of chemical reaction Electrochemistry
Metals and metallurgy Nuclear chemistry
Organic chemistry Aliphatic compounds
Aromatic compounds Chemistry in the service of mankind
Environmental chemistry 

 Section 3: Mathematics

Check the table below to know the important topics to study for Mathematics section.

Mathematics syllabus
Logic Sets, Relation and Function
Number system Determinants and matrices 
Trigonometry Co-ordinate geometry of two dimensions 
Coordinate geometry of three dimensions  Sequence and Series 
Vectors Differential calculus
Integral calculus Differential equations
Probability and statistics

Section 4 (a): Botany

Check the table below to know the important topics to study for Botany section.

Biology Syllabus
Diversity of plant life Morphology of angiosperms 
Taxonomy of flowering plants Cell: Structure and function
Continuity of life Genetic material
Recombinant DNA and Tissue culture technique Microbes in Human welfare
Complexities of plant life Plant Breeding
Processes in plants Ecology
Economic Botany Common plant diseases

Section 4 (b): Zoology

Check the table below to know the important topics to study for Zoology section.

Zoology Section

Diversity of Animal life

Animal world

Animal Histology

Animal Morphology

Animal Physiology

Animal Locomotion

Animal Respiration

Animal Circulation

Animal Excretion

Control and Co-ordination

Human Endocrine System


Animal Reproduction and Human Development

Human development

Cellular growth

Biology in Human welfare (Elementary idea)

OJEE Syllabus for LE BTech (Diploma)

Check out the table below to know the syllabus for Lateral Entry B.Tech. 

OJEE LE BTech Syllabus

OJEE LE BTech Syllabus

Section A: Basic Electrical Engineering

Section B: Mathematics

Section C: Engineering Mechanics

Fundamental of Electrical Engineering


Force and Moments

Alternate Current (AC) Theory

Determinants and Matrices

Center of Gravity and Moment of Inertia

Generation of Electrical Power



Conversion of Electrical Energy


Gear Drive

Wiring and Power Billing

Vector Algebra

Simple Lifting Machine

Measuring Instruments


Simple Stress and Strain

Storage Devices

Ordinary Differential Equation


Coordinate Geometry of 3-Dimension

Probability and Statistics


OJEE Syllabus 2023 for MCA

OJEE is also a gateway to admission into Masters of Computer Application (MCA) course in various colleges in the state of Odisha. Look at the table below to know the syllabus and important topics in each section.

Section A: Mathematics

Section B: Computer Awareness


Introduction to computer

Algebra of Sets

Computer Arithmetic

Number System

C Language

Determinants and Matrices

Arithmetic and Logical Expressions


Concepts of functions in C

Co-ordinate geometry of two dimensions

Computer related General Knowledge

Coordinate geometry of three dimensions

Elementary Arithmetic Operation

Quadratic Polynomials

Terminals, Networking

Sequence and Series

Data Communication, Data Structuring


Basic fundamentals of PC, Hardware

Differential calculus

Integral Calculus

Probability and Statistics

Number System

Differential Equation


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Important FAQs Related to OJEE Syllabus

Q. What is the syllabus of OJEE exam for MBA course?

A: OJEE question paper for MBA course consists of five sections, i.e. Verbal Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning, General Knowledge, Comprehension, and Computer and business fundamentals.

Q. Is the syllabus of MBA and Integrated MBA the same?

A: Yes, the syllabus for both is the same.

Q. Who prescribes OJEE syllabus?

A: OJEE syllabus is prescribed Odisha Joint Entrance Exam Committee for each course.

Q. Is the OJEE syllabus the same as other MBA exams such as CAT, XAT, and CMAT?

A: No, the number of questions and sections of OJEE exam is different from CAT, XAT, and CMAT.

Q. What are the important topics under the Analytical Reasoning section?

A: To ace the Analytical Reasoning section, prepare for topics such as Data Interpretation, Coding, Time and Sequence, Blood Relations, Statements and conclusion, Series, etc. 

Q. How much marks does the General Knowledge section carry?

A: General Knowledge section carries 30 marks of the OJEE exam. 

Q. What is weightage of each section?

A: Each question of OJEE question paper carries four marks. Therefore, each section carries 120 marks.

Q. In how many days can I complete my OJEE syllabus?

A: Candidates must dedicate a minimum of three months to complete the OJEE syllabus. However, if the candidate has appeared for other MBA entrance exams, then preparing for OJEE can be easier.

Q. Is there any negative marking in OJEE?

A: Yes, there is negative marking in OJEE. For each wrong answer, one mark will be deducted.

Q: Where can I get the complete syllabus of OJEE in PDF format?

A: OJEE syllabus in PDF format can be downloaded from Shiksha. Click here to download OJEE syllabus PDF.

Q: Can I prepare for OJEE from CAT books?

A: Yes, OJEE candidates can refer to the books recommended for CAT for exam preparation; but they must solve mock tests and sample questions specific to OJEE.

Q: Are NCERT Mathematics books enough to prepare for Quant?

A: You can prepare for Quantitative Techniques section of OJEE with the help of NCERT books for mathematics, but you should also refer to the books recommended for OJEE preparation. 

Q. What is the duration of OJEE exam?

A: OJEE exam is held for two hours. There is no break in between.

Q. Which is the lengthiest section in OJEE?

A: Since the Verbal Reasoning and Comprehension section includes reading comprehension passages, it can be considered a lengthy section. However, there is a possibility of any other section to be lengthier.

Q. What are the important topics of Analytical and Logical Reasoning section?

A: Topics such as Data Interpretation, Coding and Decoding, Time and Sequence, Series, Statements, Blood Relations, etc. are some of the important topics which can be asked int he OJEE question paper.

Q. Which are the important topics of General Awareness and Computer Fundamentals section in OJEE?

A: Prepare for topics such as Codes in Data Communication, Data Structuring, Operating systems, Computer Arithmetics, Networks, Current Affairs, etc. to fetch good marks in this section.

Q. Which are the important topics of Verbal Reasoning and Comprehension section in OJEE?

A: Topics such as grammar, reading comprehension, vocabulary, synonyms and antonyms, idioms, para jumbles, etc. are important for this section.

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I think this is not the right place to ask this question as it is an entrance examination conducted by the OJEE cell and you should directly contact to them because they can answer you better than us and it is not because of fees if you have paid then its good but result is not stucked by fees.

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