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OJEE preparation should include a strategy that has long-term and short-term plans that you can alter as per your progress with the exam syllabus. Odisha Joint Entrance Exam (OJEE) is a state-level exam conducted by the NTA for admission to various undergraduate and postgraduate courses in many private and government institutions in the state of Odisha. Earlier, the exam was held in both paper-based test and computer-based test modes for different courses. However, since 2020, the board has resolved to only the computer-based test mode of examination.

OJEE 2024 was conducted from May 6, 2024, to May 10, 2024. Candidates who are planning to appear for the OJEE 2024 exam should take a look at these OJEE preparation tips that will help them in their preparations for the MBA question paper.

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Q:   Is OJEE difficult to crack?


The difficulty level of the OJEE exam can vary from individual to individual, as it depends on factors such as the candidate's background, preparation level, aptitude, and familiarity with the exam pattern. However, it is generally considered to be a competitive exam that requires thorough preparation and a strong understanding of the topics covered.

To crack the OJEE exam, it is important to have a comprehensive study plan, dedicated preparation, and consistent practice. Understanding the exam pattern, syllabus, and focusing on building a strong conceptual foundation will greatly contribute to the student's success. Regularly solving OJEE sample papers, previous year question papers, and taking mock tests will help the students get acquainted with the exam pattern, improve their speed and accuracy, and identify areas that require further improvement.


Q:   Does IIM Sambalpur accept OJEE scores?


No, IIM Sambalpur does not accept OJEE test scores for admission. If you want to get admission to the IIM, you will have to appear in the CAT exam. With the score of the OJEE test, you can get admission in about 40 management colleges in Odisha. You can get admission to the following top management colleges such as:

  1. Utkal University
  2. KIIT School of Rural Management
  3. United School of Business Management
  4. GIET University
  5. National Institute of Science and Technology
  6. Rourkela Institute of Management Studies

Q:   What is the eligibility for OJEE MBA exam? Is there an age limit to appear for OJEE?


Any graduate candidate with a 50 percent aggregate can apply for OJEE. The applicant must also be a citizen of India. There is no age bar for the candidates appearing for the exam. However, candidates appearing for BTech Marine Engineering exam must not be more than 22 years of age. Candidates in the final year of graduation or awaiting their result can also apply provisionally. They will be required to present their marksheets at the time of admissions.


How to Prepare for OJEE 2024?

To excel in any exam students must make an effective exam strategy. The right strategy can go a long way. When preparing for the OJEE exam, practice mocks, make short notes, be focused, be determined and alert and attempt the exam with confidence.

Along with this, you must be well acquainted with the OJEE syllabus and the OJEE exam pattern which will, in turn, help you determine how much time should be devoted to a particular section or topic. Read below to know the best preparation tips for MBA OJEE.


Q:   When should I start preparing for OJEE?


Aspirants should start preparing for the OJEE exam at least six months before the test date.  This duration will be enough to complete the OJEE syllabus thoroughly and practice ample number of mock tests. The OJEE exam is similar to other MBA entrance exams so if a candidate has appeared for any other MBA exam before OJEE, they need to only do exam based preparation and focus on exam-specific mock tests. OJEE 2025 exam will likely be conducted in the second week of May 2025.


Q:   What are the books for the OJEE exam?

Selecting the right books is of utmost importance to clearing the OJEE exam. Here is a list of important books for OJEE: 1. Verbal Reasoning: A Pearson Guide to Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning, written by Nishit K. Sinha 2. Comprehension: How to Prepare for Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension ( for CAT written by Arun Sharma and Meenakshi Upadhyay 3. Grammar: High School English Grammar and Composition of Wren and Martin 4. Quantitative Techniques: Quantitative Aptitude for All Competitive Examinations written by Abhijit Guha 5. Reasoning: A Modern Approach to Logical Reasoning by famous author R. S. Aggarwal 6. Core topics: NCERT for Science-related topics in UG courses and graduate textbooks for PG courses.

Q:   What is the best way to prepare for OJEE at home?


Preparing for OJEE exam requires discipline and focus. Here are some tips which will help you prepare for the OJEE exam at home:

1. Using the OJEE syllabus as a guide, make a list of the subjects that the study materials must cover.
2. Plan your study time on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis according to the time available.
3. Analyze previous OJEE question papers to know the important topics and the weightage given to different topics.
4. You can find a mentor to assist you or join any online study group focused on OJEE preparation. 
5. To enable thorough planning, assign a time limit to each section.
6. Start reading newspaper and magazine editorials to gain a command of the verbal skill section.
7. For the quantitative section, read the basic concepts and formulas from school textbooks.
8. Examine your progress through mock tests on a monthly basis.
9. Keep analyzing and improving your score over time until test day.
10. Set your score to meet the cutoff for the college to which you want to apply.


Explore subject-wise topics asked in OJEE

Select your preferred subject

OJEE 2024: Overview of Exam Pattern

Candidates can check the OJEE exam pattern details for the MBA course



Mode of examination

Computer-based Test mode (CBT)

Total Question

120 questions

Total Marks


Test Duration

2 hours


4 subjects

  • Verbal Reasoning and Comprehension

  • Analytical and Logical Reasoning

  • General Awareness and Business Fundamentals

  • Quantitative Techniques

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OJEE 2024 Marking Scheme

The marking scheme for OJEE question paper 2024 is depicted below.

Section Number of question Total marks
Analytical and Logical Reasoning 30 120
Quantitative Techniques  30 120
Verbal reasoning and Comprehension 30 120
General Awareness and Business Fundamentals 30 120

Q:   Is there negative marking for wrong answers in OJEE exam?

Yes, the OJEE exam has negative markings. Each question in the OJEE exam carries four marks. And for every incorrect answer, one mark is deducted. This means that if the candidate has five correct answers, then 20 marks will be added to the OJEE score. If the candidate marks more than one answer for a particular question, the answer will be considered incorrect and one mark will be deducted. To avoid maximum marks deduction, candidates must attempt the easier question first and then move on to the more difficult ones in that particular section. If the applicant is unsure about a particular question, they can also skip the question. No marks will be deducted or awarded for unanswered questions. Further, the top colleges accepting the OJEE scores generally place a cut-off of 302-690 in OJEE for shortlisting candidates.

Q:   What is the marking scheme for OJEE (MBA)?

For the Master of Business Administration, a total of 120 questions will be asked from five sections and the total duration of the exam will be 2 hours. The Odisha Joint Entrance Exam will be conducted in Online mode. Syllabus for the Odisha Joint Entrance Exam (MBA): Quantitative Techniques, Analytical and Logical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning and Comprehension, General Awareness and Business Fundamentals, and other course-specific topics Pattern: Multiple Choice Questions Marking Scheme: You will earn 4 marks for correct answers and 1 mark will be deducted for every incorrect answer. The language of the Odisha Joint Entrance Exam is English . For more information, you may visit the Shiksha OJEE exam page. ( I hope this will help you.

Q:   What are the most important topics of the OJEE question paper?


The important topics in the OJEE (Odisha Joint Entrance Examination) syllabus can vary depending on the specific course you are applying for. Here are some of the key subjects and topics that are generally considered important for MBA course covered by OJEE:

  • Verbal Reasoning: Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, Grammar, Sentence Correction, Paragraph Jumbles, Passages, Analogy, Antonyms, Word Puzzles, Idioms, etc.
  • Quantitative Reasoning: Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Data Interpretation, Number Series, Probablity, Trigonometry, Percentage, Profit and Loss, Time, Speed and Distance, etc.
  • Analytical and Logical Reasoning: Puzzles, Blood Relations, Seating Arrangements, Coding-Decoding, Time and Sequence, Series, etc.
  • General Awareness and Buisness Fundamentals: Codes in Data Communication, Data Structuring, Terminals, Networking, Economics and Policies, Current Affairs, General Awareness regarding National Stock Exchanges, Budget, International Events, Financial and Budget Related Topics, Cinema and Awards, etc.

It's crucial to thoroughly understand the entire OJEE syllabus and practice a wide range of questions. Focus on strengthening your basics and mastering the concepts in the topics that you find challenging.


Six Months Preparation Tips for OJEE 2024

OJEE exam will likely be conducted in the first week of June 2024. Whenever you start with your preparations, the candidates need to know the OJEE syllabus thoroughly. Having in-depth knowledge of the syllabus is crucial. As mentioned above, the OJEE exam has four sections and the syllabus for each is different. Make sure that you look for the relevant study material which covers the complete OJEE syllabus. Divide your OJEE preparations into parts by making a month-wise preparation strategy. 

First Two Months – Complete the syllabus

  • Be well acquainted with the OJEE syllabus: The Verbal Reasoning and Comprehension section will include topics such as Reading Comprehension Passages, Synonyms, Antonyms, Error Spotting, Prepositions, Vocabulary, Grammar, etc. The Quantitative Techniques section will cover topics such as Percentage, Profit and Loss, Discount, Time and Work, Time, Speed and Distance, Algebra, Probability, etc. The Logical and Analytical Reasoning section will have questions related to Blood Relations, Ratio and Proportion, Assumptions, Venn Diagrams, Syllogisms, Arrangement, Coding and Decoding and more. For the General Awareness and Business Fundamentals section, you need to be well-updated with the latest trends and news and all the current affairs. Candidates must study the important dates, events and awards.

Next Two Months – Practice Grammar and Vocabulary

  • It is well said that practice makes a man perfect. The more you practice the better. It is best to prepare short notes while you are studying for your exam as it will help you memorize all the important topics and formulae. Make the newspaper your best friend in these months. Reading the newspaper will not only help you improve your General Awareness section but also increase and improve your vocabulary. You can also assess and analyse your performance by practicing mock tests. This will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and prepare you for all kinds of questions.

Last Month – Mock Tests and Revision

  • Devote the entire last month to practicing mock tests and revision. Practice mock tests and solve previous year's OJEE question papers to understand the type of questions that will be asked in the OJEE exam. Mock tests at the same time will increase your speed and accuracy. OJE is a time-based exam. The students will have to score well in the four sections within the stipulated time. Hence the students need to practice a lot on their speed and accuracy if they wish to ace the OJEE 2024. If you come across a difficult question, you should not waste a lot of your time pondering on it. Move on to the next one. The key to success in any entrance exam is revision. Devote enough time to revise and to brush up on what you have already studied and ensure that all the formulae, theorems, etc. are on your tips.

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Q:   How can I increase my speed and accuracy in the OJEE exam?


Increasing speed and accuracy in the OJEE exam is crucial because it's a timed test that requires you to answer a significant number of questions in a limited time frame. Here are some strategies to help you improve your speed and accuracy for the OJEE exam:

  • Develop a time management strategy before the exam. Allocate a specific amount of time to each section based on the number of questions and your comfort level with the subject matter.
  • Practice is the key to improving speed and accuracy. Regularly solve practice questions, mock tests, and previous years' OJEE question papers to get used to the format and types of questions.
  • When you start a section, first answer the questions that you find easy and are confident about. This ensures that you secure those marks before spending more time on challenging questions.
  • If you encounter a difficult question in the OJEE exam, don't spend too much time on it initially. Mark it for review and move on to the next question. Come back to the difficult ones if you have time left at the end.
  • While speed is important, accuracy should not be compromised. It's better to answer fewer questions correctly than to answer more questions with errors. Avoid rushing through questions at the cost of accuracy.

Q:   What are the important topics of the Quantitative Techniques section of the OJEE exam?


Quantitative Techniques section of the OJEE question paper is one of the toughest sections. The important topics of this section include Arithmetic, Geometry, Average, Percentage, Number Systems, Profit and Loss, Ratio and Proportion, Time, Speed and Distance, Mensuration, Quadaratic Equations, Trigonometry, Probability, etc. The Quantitative Techniques section of the OJEE question paper carries 30 multiple-choice questions which are to be solved in 30 minutes. Candidates will be provided with the rough paper for calculations and they will be required to choose the correct option against the question. This section of the OJEE question paper is usually difficult in nature.


Q:   What are the important topics of the Verbal Reasoning and Comprehension section of OJEE question paper?


The Verbal Reasoning and Comprehension section of the OJEE question paper tests the candidates language skills, vocabulary, grammar, and reading comprehension. Focus on improving your reading speed, comprehension abilities, and vocabulary. Practice reading passages and answering questions based on the passage content. Some of the important topics of this section include:

  1. Reading Comprehension Passages
  2. Synonyms
  3. Antonyms
  4. Error Spotting
  5. Prepositions
  6. Vocabulary
  7. Grammar
  8. Sentence Completion
  9. Idioms and Phrases
  10. Para Jumbles

The VARC section of the OJEE exam cannot be mastered overnight and requires a good preparation strategy by developing English comprehension by reading books and journals, understanding the fundamentals of English grammar and consistent practice of the language. Candidates should read daily in order to ace the section and follow the study plan whilst keeping an eye on time management. 


Three Months Preparation Strategy for OJEE 2024

The best way to prepare for an exam is by dividing it into phases or parts. If you want to get a good score in Odisha Joint Entrance Test (OJEE) it is very important to start your preparations at least three months before the OJEE exam. Making an effective and strategic preparation schedule is crucial. With three months in hand for OJEE preparation, candidates must start working on their preparations now. Below are a few tips and tricks to make a phase-wise preparation strategy for the OJEE exam.

Phase I- Strategy

  • Every exam preparation must start with knowing the syllabus and exam pattern. As mentioned above, OJEE is a time-based entrance exam, therefore, it is important to divide your preparation strategy in a way that you are able to cover the complete syllabus and at the same time have enough time at the end of this phase for revision. Candidates appearing for the OJEE exam must make a plan which will help them devote enough time to each section. Make short notes while preparing for the OJEE exam. 

Phase II- Know the strengths and weaknesses

  • In the next phase of the OJEE preparation, it is important to be well-acquainted with the various topics and sub-topics. Choose the right study material for your preparations. Choosing the right study material that covers the entire syllabus is important. Start with the topics that you find the toughest and then move on to the easier ones. While you are preparing for your exam you will come across a lot of tips and tricks to solve difficult questions. Find different methods to solve a question to ensure accuracy. Brush up your basics and calculations and note down the formulae and theorems to memorise them. To ace the General Knowledge section and improve your vocabulary, make the newspaper your friend. Reading the newspaper daily and devoting at least an hour to reading the newspaper will keep you updated with the latest news, trends, current affairs, etc., and at the same time, it will enrich your vocabulary. 

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Phase III- Practice and revise

  • The last phase of OJEE preparation is revision. Every preparation is incomplete without the right amount of practice and revision. Give a minimum of 15-20 days for revision. Practicing mock tests and previous year's question papers will acquaint you with the exam pattern, improve your time management skills and help in identifying your strengths and weaknesses. Also, you will come across various types of questions and new tricks to solve all kinds of questions.

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Q:   How can I improve my chances of cracking OJEE in three months?


Improving your chances of clearing the OJEE in three months requires a focused and structured approach to your preparation. Develop a comprehensive study plan that covers all sections of the OJEE syllabus. Allocate specific time slots for each section based on your strengths and weaknesses. Dedicate a significant portion of your daily schedule to practice. Solve a variety of questions and exercises to reinforce your learning. Start taking full-length OJEE mock tests as soon as possible. These tests will help you understand the OJEE exam pattern and improve your time management skills.

After taking mock tests, thoroughly review and analyse your performance. Identify areas where you made mistakes and work on improving them. Identify your weaker areas in each section and prioritize them in your study plan. Spend more time improving these areas. While doing so, try capitalising on your strengths. Along with qualitative study sessions, candidates should also keep away from usual distractions such as social media, mobile phones to improve their prospects in OJEE exam. They must focus on their fundamentals and basics. 


OJEE 2024: One-Month Preparation Strategy

The last month of the OJEE preparation must be all about revising and practicing all that you have studied in the past few months. With the right amount of revision and practice, one can easily crack an entrance exam and score well. Make a study routine if you do not already have one and follow the routine consistently and diligently. Having a systematic preparation strategy will prove to be beneficial. Try to capitalise on your strengths and work on your weaknesses. Strengthening the stronger areas is as important as working on the weaker ones. One must also not shift their focus from speed and accuracy. These are important from the exam day point of view. It is important to solve a question quickly but also accurately. Having said this, the most important thing is to keep your mind calm. No amount of revision is enough if one falters on exam day. Take at least eight hours of sleep before the exam and do not begin with new topics on the exam day. 

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Q:   How can I score better in the Quantitative Ability section of OJEE?


OJEE is a time based exam. To score well, you can try these strategies:

  • Practice ample number of mock test and solve previous years' OJEE sample papers to get a clear understanding of the OJEE exam pattern and type of questions.
  • Practice every day to improve your speed and accuracy.
  • Prepare for the easy sections first.
  • Create a study group with friends and ask each other questions.
  • Focus on key concepts and important topics of the OJEE syllabus
  • Prepare flashcards to help you memorize

Q:   What is a good score in the OJEE exam?


A good score in OJEE can be subjective and can vary according to the level of difficulty of the OJEE question paper. What may be considered a good score for one course or category may not be the same for another.

According to the previous years' OJEE analysis the following can be considered a good OJEE score:

Very Good






LowLess than 450

Q:   Which are the top MBA colleges accepting OJEE in Odisha?


The OJEE exam is conducted by OJEE Cell for admission to various undergraduate and postgraduate courses such as MBA, MCA, M.Tech, B.Tech, etc. OJEE scores are accepted by over 40 top B-schools in Odisha. Few of these colleges are 

  • Utkal University
  • IMIT Cuttack - Institute of Management and Information Technology
  • RCM Bhubaneswar - Regional College of Management
  • FM University Balasore - Fakir Mohan University
  • CV Raman Global University, Bhubaneswar
  • IIPM Rourkela - Indian Institute for Production Management
  • Gandhi Institute of Management Studies, Gunupur
  • Srusti Academy of Management, Bhubaneswar
  • Trident Academy of Technology, Bhubaneswar
  • BIITM Bhubaneswar - Biju Patnaik Institute of IT and Management Studies
  • North Orissa University, Baripada
  • RIMS Rourkela - Rourkela Institute of Management Studies
  • PJ College of Management and Technology, Bhubaneswar
  • NIST Berhampur - National Institute of Science and Technology
  • GITA Bhubaneswar - Gandhi Institute for Technological Advancement

OJEE 2024: Exam Day Guidelines

Following are a few OJEE test day guidelines that the students must follow:

  • Candidates must carry their OJEE admit cards to the centre as it is a mandatory document required to enter the OJEE exam centre.

  • Candidates are required to carry one ID proof such as a Passport/Driving License/ Institute ID Card/Voter ID/Aadhar Card.

  • Candidates must carry blue/black ballpoint pens.

  • No electronic gadgets such as calculators, mobile phones, watch calculators, etc. are allowed inside the OJEE exam centre.

  • No extra time will be given to candidates who reach late at the OJEE exam centre.

  • Candidates must reach at least one hour before the commencement of the exam.

  • All four sections are mandatory to attempt.

  • Read the instructions carefully before starting the OJEE exam.

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The above tips will definitely help you in cracking the OJEE exam 2024. All the best!

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OJEE books OJEE results

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Q:   Is there a sectional time limit in OJEE?

No, OJEE exam does not have any sectional timing for any course. However, students will be required to complete the exam in pre informed exam duration and no extra time will be granted to the students under any circumstances. OJEE is a computer-based online exam the test screen will move from first section to the next section only when the candidate clicks the next button. Candidates have to be mindful of the on-screen timer and pre-decide the number of questions to solve in each section as there will be negative markings. It is not mandatory to solve all the questions in OJEE exam so candidates can devise a strategy to use the exam duration as per their strength and weakness. Candidates must reach the exam centre at least an hour prior to complete the frisking formalities at the OJEE exam centre.

Q:   What is the OJEE exam duration? Can I change my exam slot?

The OJEE exam is a computer-based test for all courses. However, the OJEE exam pattern differs according to the programme you are applying for. The course-wise OJEE exam duration is as follows: 1. For MBA, LE B.Tech, LE B.Sc/ LE, MCA/LE MCA M.Tech and MArch courses is 120 minutes (2 hours). 2. For the B.Pharma course is three hours or 180 minutes. 3. For the M.Pharma Integrated MBA and LE B.Pharma courses, the exam duration is one hour or 60 minutes. This means, candidates will have approximately one minute per question to solve it. Candidates must take care of saving their answers at every step as the moment sectional time limit will get over, the screen will automatically move to the next section. The OJEE exam is conducted in three slots for most courses. The OJEE exam slot will be mentioned on their admit cards and there is no provision of changing the exam slot. Candidates must reach the OJEE exam centre at least and hour before their slot timings.

Q:   What are the important dos of the OJEE exam day?


On the OJEE exam day, candidates have to follow certain guidelines which include settling on time, cooperating with the exam conducting staff, following instructions of the test invigilator and following the test navigation for solving the OJEE questions. There are some key dos that candidates should follow on the OJEE exam day, which have been listed below:

OJEE exam day dos:

  1. Reach the OJEE exam centre at least an hour before the exam time. 
  2. Carry two copies of the OJEE admit card, photographs and one photo ID card (original and photocopy)
  3. Candidates must not forget to carry the OJEE admit card to the exam centre. Candidates will not be allowed to enter the exam centre without an admit card.
  4. Carry a blue/black ball point pen for signing the attendance sheet
  5. Carry personal drinking water, hand sanitizer, face masks and gloves
  6. Cooperate with the test centre staff and follow instructions during entry
  7. Candidates must write their name and roll numbers on the rough sheet provided by the invigilator and sign on it

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FAQs Related to OJEE Preparation

Check some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on OJEE preparation:

Q:   How do I prepare for the OJEE exam?

If you are preparing for the upcoming OJEE exam, you can use the following expert advice: 1. You must plan your studies according to the time available for the next OJEE exam cycle. 2. You need to be familiar with the syllabus of the exam. 3. Most subject-specific questions in the undergraduate course are based on 12th grade Science topics. 4. For postgraduate courses, the questions are based on your Bachelor's degree course. For instance, in the MPHARM OJEE test, they will ask you B.Pharma-level questions. 5. You need to be well prepared with your course book topics. 6. You need to prepare revision-focused short notes to revise well in the last few months. 7. The first two months should be spent compiling the syllabus, and the next two months should be spent revising. 8. The last two months should be exclusively reserved for mock test practice and improving your score. You can read a detailed preparation guide given by an expert for each subject on this page:

Q:   What are the don'ts of the OJEE exam day?


On the day of the OJEE exam, it is essential to be well prepared and avoid certain mistakes to increase your chances of acing the OJEE exam. Here are some of the important don'ts of the OJEE exam day:

  • Do not reach late to the OJEE exam centre. Ensure that you reach the OJEE test centre at least an hour before the scheduled exam time. 
  • Do not forget to carry coloured printouts of the OJEE admit card. Students without a valid OJEE admit card will not be allowed to enter the OJEE exam centre. 
  • Do not carry prohibited items such as electronic devices, study material, bags, or any other item which is not allowed at the OJEE exam centre. 
  • Do not engage in malpractice and refrain from any form of cheating. Any form of unfair means can result in disqualification and strict consequences.
  • Listen carefully to the exam invigilator's instructions before starting the OJEE exam.

By avoiding these "don'ts" and adhering to the exam rules and guidelines, you can have a better exam experience and maximize your chances of performing well in the OJEE exam.


Q:   Is the OJEE BPharma syllabus difficult?


The difficulty of the BPharma syllabus in the OJEE is usually easy to moderate and can vary from student to student based on their background, aptitude, and preparedness. However, the BPharm syllabus in OJEE typically aligns with the standard curriculum for pharmacy programmes in India. The Bpharma programme is science-oriented, and the syllabus covers subjects like Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy, Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Analysis, etc. These subjects require a good understanding of chemistry and biology. There are varied topics related to the pharmaceutival field. The complexity and difficulty level vary depending on the university or college offering the course. To score well in the BPharma course of OJEE, it is important to have a clear understanding key concepts, regular study, and practice of practical skills.

It's important to note that the B.Pharm programme is academically challenging, as it forms the foundation for a career in pharmacy. If you are passionate about pharmaceutical sciences and have a genuine interest in the field, you can overcome the challenges posed by the syllabus.


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No, admission to the MCA programme at Gangadhar Meher University typically requires a valid OJEE (Odisha Joint Entrance Examination) score.


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Yes, the courses offered through OJEE are recognised by the Government of Odisha and affiliated institutes. OJEE is a state level entrance exam conducted for admission to various postgraduate and some undergraduate courses in disciplines such as management, engineering, pharmacy, computer applicatio


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The OJEE counselling process is online. Candidates have to register online by filling the OJEE counselling form and pay the counselling fee. Once the candidates have registered, they can lock their choices during the choice-locking window. The authorities will release a temporary seat allotment base


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Srusti Academy of Management offers various programmes at UG and PG levels in the streams of IT & Software, and Business and Management. It is affiliated with the Biju Patnaik University of Technology (BPUT), Rourkela, and offers courses approved by the AICTE. To be eligible for the MCA programme at



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No, you cannot take admission in the MCA programme at Silicon Institute of Technology, Bhubaneswar without qualifying in the Odisha Joint Entrance Examination (OJEE). The eligibility criteria explicitly require candidates to have passed the OJEE for admission into the MCA course


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To pursue a B.Tech in Textile Technology through OJEE, you must acquire a specified rank in the OJEE exam. The cutoff ranks can fluctuate each year depending on criteria such as the number of candidates, difficulty level of the exam, and available seats:
OJEE Cut Off for B.Tech TAT:
The TAT's opening



M Akash

Beginner-Level 4

115 Institutes accepting OJEE

M.Tech. in Cryogenic and Vacuum Technology
  • 4.2





    Faculty & Course Curriculum


    Crowd & Campus Life


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    Course Support

  • |
  • Total Fees: ₹ 1.40 Lakh
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    Crowd & Campus Life


    Value for Money


    Learning Experience


    Course Support

  • |
  • Total Fees: ₹ 4.68 Lakh
  • |
  • 2 years
  • |
  • Full Time
B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering
  • 4.1





    Faculty & Course Curriculum


    Crowd & Campus Life


    Value for Money


    Learning Experience


    Course Support

  • |
  • Total Fees: ₹ 9.00 Lakh
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  • 4 years
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17 Jul '24 - 23 Jul '24: Withdrawal Query Response [For NIT+ System Only]
20 Jul '24 - 23 Jul '24: IMU CET 2024 Certificates Verification for round 2
Jul '24 - Jul '24: PTU MTech 2024 Round 1 Registration, Counselling Fee Deposition & Choice Filling
20 Jul '24 - 24 Jul '24: CCMT 2024 Document uploading (online), specifying willingness (Freeze/Float/ Slide), and withdrawal
22 Jul '24 - 24 Jul '24: Round 3: JAC Chandigarh 2024 Choice submission and locking for 3rd round